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General Information

Wide Open Fish is an online platform dedicated to providing anglers of all levels with expert information, tips, and curated product recommendations to enhance their fishing experience. Our mission is to be the premier online resource for all things fishing.

Website Sections

Home Page

The home page serves as an introduction to the purpose and offerings of the website. It features a wide range of articles and trending topics related to fishing. Additionally, it provides quick links to major sections of the website for easy navigation.

Fishing Tips & Techniques

The Fishing Tips & Techniques section consists of articles and videos that cater to anglers of all skill levels. It covers various fishing techniques, from beginner to advanced level. Moreover, it provides seasonal fishing tips and species-specific strategies for different types of fishing, such as bass, trout, and saltwater species.

Gear & Product Reviews

In the Gear & Product Reviews section, we offer in-depth reviews of fishing rods, reels, baits, and other gear. Our goal is to provide comprehensive information about the various fishing equipment available in the market. We also provide comparison guides to help users choose the best equipment for their needs. Links to trusted retailers are provided for users to make purchases if they wish to.

Fishing Locations

The Fishing Locations section serves as a guide for both local and international fishing spots. It offers detailed guides to different fishing locations. Users can explore interactive maps that feature user-generated reviews and photos of these spots. Moreover, this section provides information on permits, regulations, and best fishing practices associated with each location.

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